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      No rules, no radius.
      No spirit, people will be incomplete.
      Brand such as people,
      She contains the spirit of people, people feelings.
      Each classic brand,
      All without prejudice to the pursuit of human beauty and longing.

      Dongguan richbutton Co., Ltd..was founded in 2002, and lies in Mayong Town, Dongguan—the industrial manufacturing center in Zhujiang Delta, where it connects with Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It specializes in zinc alloy casting, hardware stamping, lead-zinc alloy casting, and all kinds of garment fittings, handbag fittings, hardware button and ornaments.

      Since its establishment, the company constantly perfected enterprise management and brought in advanced technical resources, now it has a mass of technicians and advanced equipments. Under the support and care from widespread clients, the company developed rapidly. Within five years, the company has become a comprehensive enterprise integrating the design, manufacturing and processing of the mould, and R&D, manufacturing and sales into a whole. Among same industry, we built up our sound image. Under the principle of “mutual benefit, contract-stressing, and promise-keeping”, the company won good reputation by our top quality and service.

      The company will adhere to the service philosophy of “high quality, low price, timely delivery” and the spirit of “united, enterprising, quality, efficient”.
      Welcome to our company! We are willing to cooperate with you for commonly bright future!

      • 2002

        Founded in 2002

      • 15

        15 years of industry experience

      • 9000+

        9000 more than one product selection

      • 25

        Export 25 countries

      • 800

        More than 800 cooperative customers

      Elite team Customer satisfaction is Yingfeng eternal goal!

      Ying Feng Button Co., Ltd. advocating "management of people-oriented, cooperation to create value" management beliefs,
      Continue to strengthen management capacity, improve the management model,
      "First-class talent, do first-class products, a first-class brand, build first-class enterprises" as the goal.
      Create sustainable management capacity, share operating results.